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Evening Edition beautifully presents the important news you missed

Co-creator Jim Ray of Mule Design describes Evening Edition like this:

It’s a summary of the day’s news, written by an actual journalist, with links to the best reporting in the world, published once a day.

Last night, in between reading the news using various Android apps, I spotted a link to John Gruber’s Daring Fireball post about Evening Edition. I went to the new news site on my phone and, ten minutes later, I realized I had learned more in that time reading Evening Edition than an hour of playing with Flipboard and Pulse.

I spend all day reading technology news. It’s my area of interest and there are some great people reporting on it. But it takes time away from informing myself about what is happening in the world in general.

It looks like Evening Edition beautifully solves that problem. Ray’s design is elegant, minimal, and simple. (Put Evening Edition in a browser window next to this site, and you’ll realize very quickly why I’m such a big fan of Ray’s design decisions.)

As for substance, it’s like the site’s news editor, Anna Rascouët-Paz, secretly knows all the important stuff I either didn’t encounter or shamefully skipped over to read another Apple rumor.

Rascouët-Paz boils down complex topics well enough to keep you informed, but also whets your appetite to click through to her sources and get more information. Her summaries contain more rapid-fire facts and quotes than most of what you’ll find in the newspaper, and that’s a very welcome change.

If you want to read a beautiful website about the important news you missed every day, bookmark Evening Edition.