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U.S. DOT paving way for self-driving cars

Chris Ziegler reports at The Verge:

DOT and NHTSA will develop the new tools necessary for this new era of vehicle safety and mobility, and will seek new authorities when they are necessary to ensure that fully autonomous vehicles, including those designed without a human driver in mind, are deployable in large numbers when demonstrated to provide an equivalent or higher level of safety than is now available.

This is far more progressive than I expected the federal government to be on the autonomous transportation vehicle front, primarily for safety reasons. It’s good news.

Aside: DOT or Klingons?

The featured image above is a photo of the U.S. DOT headquarters building in Washington, D.C. I first looked at the DOT logo as a potential image for this post, but it looked too much like the Klingon symbol:

Huh. Weird.