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Can anyone sustain a newsletter about the law without talking politics? Tune into the resurrection of Modern Law to find out. I don’t plan on talking about Trump, at least not directly.

I don’t want this thing to be an outlet for my political positions. It’s a way to express what I find interesting as the law evolves. So while you may see references to politics or Trump in the links I share, don’t expect political commentary one way or the other.

One more thing: most issues will be limited to 5 links, but this one has a few extra because it’s been a while and I’m celebrating a new commitment to getting it out to you once (or even twice) every week.

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Duterte targets Philippine children in bid to widen drug war — Reuters

Nine-year old children would be subject to the Phillipines’ bloody drug crackdown under a proposed law with the support of the nation’s President:

Before Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody war on drugs had even begun, allies of the Philippines president were quietly preparing for a wider offensive. On June 30, as Duterte was sworn in, they introduced a bill into the Philippine Congress that could allow children as young as nine to be targeted in a crackdown that has since claimed more than 7,600 lives.

Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed — Vanity Fair

What if you could generate audio and video of people saying and doing things they never actually said or did? Imagine the lawsuits.

Antonin Scalia: His Wisdom Recalled on the Anniversary of His Death — National Review

Speaking of not speaking of politics, there’s a lot I disagreed with Justice Scalia about. But this article has some great advice from him on living a good life. It’s definitely worth a read.

Digitizing and organizing your receipts — The Sweet Setup

This isn’t strictly about the law, but it’s tax time, and paying taxes is part of being a law-abiding citizen. Read this article to learn how to organize your receipts and other documents as PDFs and stop maintaining piles of receipts and other important documents.

ICC Communication About Australia’s Mistreatment of Refugees — Opinio Juris

Australians seem nice, right? Well, I have no doubt most of them are wonderful. But there is apparently a large and reliable body of evidence that conditions at the southern continent’s offshore refugee camps are criminally bad.

One of the World’s Biggest Fisheries Is on The Verge of Collapse — National Geographic

Territorial disputes are more than mere international pissing contests: there are very real, potentially deadly consequences for millions of people.

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