Axel Springer bans adblock users from Bild online

Axel Springer bans adblock users from Bild online

According to the report by Reuters at The Guardian:

More than 30% of Germans online use such software, many more than the 5% of internet users globally in 2014, according to Dublin-based analytics and advisory firm PageFair, which develops “ad blocker-friendly” advertising.

My basic position on ad blocking is that it’s a permissible response to shitty or intrusive advertising but whatever tool you use should have a whitelisting feature. I don’t know what the ultimate solution to this debate will be but I know that publisher Axel Springer’s approach is unwise.

It’s so easy to find well-done news on the internet these days that Axel Springer is only hurting itself with the new policy. Instead of focusing on taking only high-quality advertisements that aren’t obnoxious or classless and minimizing the concomitant tracking, is walling itself off from 30 percent of its native-language audience.

In short, someone at Axel Springer should be fired.