I try to be stingy with 5 stars but this movie deserves it. The writing, direction, acting and SOUND DESIGN are as good as the first and in some areas even better. 

The main flaw that bugged me was SPOILER ALERT:

The day one flashback was really only there to remind us who JK was on the first one and introduce us to Cillian and his kid. One or two more flashbacks throughout the story may have balanced it a bit. I wouldn’t want anything predictable like showing one of Emmit’s family members dying, I actually think not seeing that stuff puts us in his mindset: it’s hard for him to think about but it’s all he thinks about. 

I thought the conclusion was perfect, with the children both growing into their dad’s shoes, although it’s worth nothing that mom is consistently as badass and brave as dad. But when you lose someone you love you often want to live up to them somehow because it feels like they’re still there with you when you embody their best qualities. So I get it.