Hello. My name is Joe.

I’m a lawyer, geek, and writer. I work in Philadelphia doing civil litigation. I live in Princeton with my wife, my two kids, and too many pets. Sorry pets. It’s true.

You can send me an email at hi at joeross dot me. You can find me on Signal and other phone-number-as-identity apps at two one five, two five three, seven one four six.

You can use RSS to subscribe to everything I post at this site with this feed, or only subscribe to longer posts by using the Essays feed, or take your pick at the Feeds page.


I’m most commonly internetting on Mastodon and Bluesky, though I’m begrudgingly enjoying Threads more and more every week. I also use GitHub a little too much for someone who isn’t a developer, and I have a LinkedIn because I’m a lawyer and you have to.

You can find me at even more places on the web by visiting my /where page.


This website is hosted at and published with Micro.blog. I usually use MarsEdit to write and publish posts and pages, but there are multiple official and third-party apps available to publish to Micro.blog.