The top seven free apps in the news category of the iOS App Store are a mix of proudly user-hostile mismanagement, fear mongering, hyperlocal hate, and Nazi monetization.

The image shows a screenshot from an iPhone of the iOS App Store displaying the 'Top Charts' section for free apps. The top seven apps are listed: 1. Reddit - Social Forum & Community Chats, 2. X - Formerly Twitter, 3. Nextdoor: Neighborhood Net..., 4. NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts, 5. Citizen: Local Safety Alerts, 6. Substack - A home for readers, and 7. Police Scanner. Icons for 'Today', 'Games', 'Apps', 'Arcade', and 'Search' are at the bottom of the screen. The device's status bar indicates it's 9:15 with Wi-Fi and battery level at 86%, and a 'News' widget is visible in the top right corner.