Dear Lawyers Still Manually Numbering Paragraphs:

    Stop it.

    Here’s a tutorial:

    1. Place your cursor where you intend to begin the numbered section of your pleading.
    2. Click the numbered list button in your word processor.
    3. Repent, and feel your soul become lighter.

    Yours, scoldingly,


    ⚖️ From a report at Law Dork by its proprietor, Chris Geidner:

    Starr issued an “administrative stay” on Thursday that will last for 30 days while he considers the airline’s request for a stay of the order pending its appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

    Judge Starr is having a good think about whether he’s willing to endure the near-certain reversal, and the more-likely-than-not searing bench slap that will accompany it…