The other day, er, morning, er, very early morning, I posted about a little project I did instead of sleeping called Quicklinks.

    It’s essentially just a list links I visit whenever I take a break or have some downtime. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. I published it for my personal use and testing at and

    But where there’s a new random webpage, there’s a geek running domain name searches…

    So, in keeping with my recent run of unnecessary but fun domain names, I hereby present:

    I have Big Dreamsβ„’ of adding:

    • Sidebar installation instructions for browsers that support sidebars;
    • A dynamic new/same tab checkbox (a la Techmeme); and
    • An integrated way to customize the links.

    But Quicklinks is mostly for me, so it comes without promises. Most people who can code up something like this can do it far better than I can, and most who can’t will still be able to name two or three ways of doing the same thing without writing a single line of HTML.

    That’s fine. You, as the kids say, do you.

    And feel free to fork it.