Firefox address bar modifiers - the wiki:

The address bar has become our entry point to the internet these days. Firefox in its default configuration does some sort of smart guess on what you type there. If it resembles a URL then the browser makes that request. If not, it sends the string you typed to your default search engine. It also includes some fuzzy search matches from your history and all that, which is fine 90% of the time, but sometimes you need a bit more control over what results it shows you.

Screenshot of Firefox address bar modifiers

I had no idea. These are super-useful.

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Breakfast at Monmouth Junction Kitchen

I’m trying out a new cross-posting method, this time using the #RSS feed for a new “status” category in to cross-post to other services, like Mastodon and Bluesky. If it works, I can leave cross-posting deactivated by default on regular posts.

(take 2…)

I guess we’re supposed to shit on Threads.

Skepticism is valid. But they already collect data from Instagram users. And you can always deactivate or delete your account:…

I’m giving it a chance, but the forced algo. timeline is probably a dealbreaker for me.

My daughter shushed me while we watched Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot” today and I’ve never been more proud of anything than I was when she told me, quietly and politely, but firmly and resolutely, to “just be quiet for a minute and listen to the man talk about space.”

Edit to add: She’s only 3 years old!…

Neil Gaiman liked a post of mine on Bluesky. It was actually a re-post of one of his own posts, and he’s famously interactive with folks on social media, so I’m not exactly special, but it’s fun to see!

A screenshot of Neil Gaiman having liked a share of a Bluesky post he made.

::: growling at my negative internal monologue monster :::

This was supposed to post to my Microblog via OwnYourSwarm but I don’t know how to set up my theme etc. to make it look like a checkin and I’d appreciate any help #MicroBlog / #IndieWeb / #micropub geeks can offer.

(I fished for help with this about a month ago but there were no bites.)

The early nerd gets the… something. I’m tired.

🎧 “The One” by Taking Back Sunday (2023) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s good. I’m happy it’s good. It came from something sad: “This song came from a riff that bassist Shaun Cooper wrote the day he lost his grandmother while she was in a nursing home at the start of the COVID pandemic.” But it’s something more than sad. This line especially gets me: Still, the words that I can’t say go on and on and on and on

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📷 Found my old Fringe hoodie while putting some stuff away. It’s pretty beat up, but a great reminder that it was one hell of a good show.

I do not want spoilers but I would appreciate anyone seeing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny giving me a 👍🏻 or 👎🏻. I’m going to see it in the theater either way, but Crystal Skull was… fine. I’m just hoping the last Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford is much better.

The Supreme Court has struck down the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness in Biden v. Nebraska (PDF).

I haven’t read through the entire opinion yet, but it appears the majority relied on the entirely fictional and opportunistically deployed major questions doctrine. More at SCOTUSBlog.

Narwhal dev declining to answer whether he made a deal with Reddit is him confirming he made a deal, as is Reddit’s line that they don’t disclose discussions. Some will pay $4 to $7 a month for their favorite Reddit app, but most won’t, or can’t. Can’t fault narwhal for surviving, but it feels icky.

SkyBridge is a server that connects Mastodon to Bluesky, enabling the use of some Mastodon-only apps with your Bluesky account. Today I noticed that, at least in Ivory for iOS, you can access Bluesky feeds via the Mastodon lists screen.

(I still have some Bluesky invites if anyone’s interested…)

There are so many wonderful #iOS apps for Mastodon1, but Ivory is still my favorite. Just need it to add quote posts so I can point my #ADHD Eye of Sauron at a category of nerd stuff other than Mastodon apps.

  1. Mastodon’s official iOS app has better two-tap moderation options than most apps. ↩︎

Do you realize how much of Live Aid Freddie Mercury spent playing air guitar? Just one of the true gods of rock, air guitaring for what must have been half their 21-minute set, one of the best rock sets of all time, in front of 72,000 people. You love to see it.…

📚 Finished: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980), ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yesterday I finished reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams. ️Maybe not as ruthlessly original as, well, the original, but better than a Vogon poem. Let the naysayers say their nays. Sure, it’s no Hitchhikers, but nothing was before, and nothing will be again. Unless we’re all living in a loop. In that case, Hitchhikers will, eventually, be Hitchhikers, again, er, for the first time.

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Now I have three Bluesky invites. Let me know if you’re interested!

CEO Steve Huffman’s bumbling, slow-motion destruction of reddit would be a huge loss to collective knowledge on the web.

Without the ability to append “reddit” to most queries, Google Search is mostly worthless unless you’re looking for sponsored content or SEO-abusing nonsense results.

My 3-year-old just asked me if Mark Hoppus is me on this video of Blink 182 playing I Miss You at Coachella 2023.