Narwhal dev declining to answer whether he made a deal with Reddit is him confirming he made a deal, as is Reddit’s line that they don’t disclose discussions. Some will pay $4 to $7 a month for their favorite Reddit app, but most won’t, or can’t. Can’t fault narwhal for surviving, but it feels icky.

SkyBridge is a server that connects Mastodon to Bluesky, enabling the use of some Mastodon-only apps with your Bluesky account. Today I noticed that, at least in Ivory for iOS, you can access Bluesky feeds via the Mastodon lists screen.

(I still have some Bluesky invites if anyone’s interested…)

There are so many wonderful #iOS apps for Mastodon1, but Ivory is still my favorite. Just need it to add quote posts so I can point my #ADHD Eye of Sauron at a category of nerd stuff other than Mastodon apps.

  1. Mastodon’s official iOS app has better two-tap moderation options than most apps. ↩︎

Do you realize how much of Live Aid Freddie Mercury spent playing air guitar? Just one of the true gods of rock, air guitaring for what must have been half their 21-minute set, one of the best rock sets of all time, in front of 72,000 people. You love to see it.…

📚 Finished: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980), ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Yesterday I finished reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams. ️Maybe not as ruthlessly original as, well, the original, but better than a Vogon poem. Let the naysayers say their nays. Sure, it’s no Hitchhikers, but nothing was before, and nothing will be again. Unless we’re all living in a loop. In that case, Hitchhikers will, eventually, be Hitchhikers, again, er, for the first time.

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Now I have three Bluesky invites. Let me know if you’re interested!

CEO Steve Huffman’s bumbling, slow-motion destruction of reddit would be a huge loss to collective knowledge on the web.

Without the ability to append “reddit” to most queries, Google Search is mostly worthless unless you’re looking for sponsored content or SEO-abusing nonsense results.

My 3-year-old just asked me if Mark Hoppus is me on this video of Blink 182 playing I Miss You at Coachella 2023.

I took this photo tonight while leaving work at 18th and Market Streets in Philly. It doesn’t really show how thick the air was, and it’s only slightly better at home in Princeton. Be safe everyone.

A photo taken with an iPhone 14 Pro of Market Street in Philly, a dense haze hanging over the city as a result of Canadian wildfires.

Jeri Ryan, the actor who plays Seven of Nine on various Stars Trek, favorited a post of mine on Mastodon today.

That’s it.

That’s the whole blog post.

A screenshot from Mastodon for iOS, showing that Jeri Ryan favorites a quote post I made of her praising my favorite third-party Mastodon app, Ivory for iOS by Tapbots.

“Lawyers’ vile emails exposed”

Sometimes I write a long, angry blog post about a thing, fully intending to post it all for the world to see, but then I save it to my journaling app, and just post a link to what prompted the angry draft while I decide if I should make my angry thoughts public, whether I should edit them a bit, whether the anger is productive or will just be seen as virtue signaling.

This is one of those links. 1

  1. The New York Post broke the story, but I’m a fan of supporting that rag with even a single link on my minuscule blog, so I’m linking to the Daily Beast re-write. You’ll find the Post link there easily enough if you want it. ↩︎

It’s a whole vibe.

Oldest Search - Search for the oldest result on internet

This is one of those things I just love about the internet, a fun, simple thing, done well. The oldest result for my name is a 1982 NY Times obituary on Joe E. Ross, another New Jersey native, of Car 54 fame.

I verified myself on nostr which required logging into cpanel, creating a json file, editing my .htaccess, and using a CORS tester. It was exhausting. THEN I found out if I don’t give some guy on the internet like 1 USD worth of bitcoin from my lightning wallet, whatever the hell that is, I’ll be stuck on spammy public relays.

Markdown images are an anti-pattern |

Dave Rupert doesn’t see a place in Markdown for images, and I agree. Just use an img tag. But his good point and my agreement with it aren’t really the reason I’m sharing a link to his post.

I’m sharing it because he writes with the voice of a sage but slightly jaded manager who’s just trying to save new developers from bad habits and messy code. It’s refreshingly devoid of arrogance, and refreshingly full of practical examples of why his position makes sense.

It’s also how I try to approach working with less experienced lawyers. Just replace “developers” with “lawyers” and “code” with “argumentation.”

Thanks to Eric Meyer for linking to Rupert’s post on Mastodon, where I found it.

Craig Hockenberry, announces ‘Blank’ for Apple tvOS

I’m happy to announce the release of a new tvOS app called Blank. It turns your screen black and keeps it that way until you press any button on a remote. Seriously, that’s all it does.

Simple and useful.

Mac Gmail client Mimestream reaches 1.0

Jason Snell, writing at Six Colors:

If you’re a Gmail user, Mimestream will be a revelation. Since it was built from the ground up to understand Google’s approach to email, it doesn’t suffer from the weird workarounds required to map an IMAP protocol metaphor onto Gmail’s particular quirks. Instead, it behaves… like Gmail. But in a pure, Swift-driven Mac app.

Mimestream is by far the best experience a Gmail user can possibly have on a Mac. It’s been rock solid in my daily use throughout the beta, and having those familiar keyboard shortcuts let’s me move through email like lightning.

But, while betas are free, honest-to-goodness one-point-ohs have price tags, as they should:

The biggest change in going to version 1.0 is that, after two years of using an in-progress email app for free, it’s time for Mimestream to become a real app—with real money changing hands. The app is available as a $5 monthly subscription or a $50 annual subscription. (There’s a 40% discount offer for year one available for the next few weeks.)

I just put down my $30, and I won’t think twice next year to put down the full $50. Software that saves you frustration and time is worth every penny.

I have two Bluesky invites if anyone is interested. However, I’m only considering requests from people who will swear never to call posts on Bluesky… what lots of people on Bluesky are calling them. It’s not okay.

Moon, 2009 - ★★★★★

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 out of 5 stars) This is the last one for today, I promise. Another rewatch, Sam Rockwell’s performance puts this movie on a level with The Martian.  I know they’re very different movies, but, for my money, Moon does at just as much with fewer/older VFX and a much lower budget. How much lower? Well, The Martian had a $108 million budget. (Source, via Wikipedia) Moon had a $5 million budget.

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Annihilation, 2018 - ★★★★

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 out of 5 stars) I can confirm in watching this movie again that it is ambitious, original and has a fully committed cast. If you like sci-fi and somehow haven’t seen Annihilation yet, do yourself a favor and watch it.