Joseph Ross, Esq.

Joseph Ross

If you ask a board of professional licensing, a local, state or federal government, or a search engine, my name is Joseph Ross, or Joseph J. Ross, Esq.

If you ask me, it’s Joe.

This is my website. It’s the central repository for my blog, my portfolio (still under construction) and everything else I do on the web. If you are looking for a way to get in touch with me, head over to my Contact page.

Joseph Ross is an attorney.

I’m an attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I attended the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. I maintained a full-time job at the Philadelphia Housing Authority throughout law school. At PHA, I worked in government affairs, strategic planning and the Law Department.

Currently, I serve as judicial law clerk in the Court of Common Pleas in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The position exposes me to both civil and criminal cases. I work for President Judge Joseph F. Kameen and Judge Gregory H. Chelak. Their courts hear a variety of issues, from drug offenses to family law cases to business disputes.

Joseph Ross is also a writer.

I write frequently at my own blog, focusing on design, law and technology. I’m especially interested in how the three intersect. Software and hardware design, user experience, privacy and national security are common topics. I also write occasionally about advances and challenges in animal law and LGBTQ rights.

I have experience as the digital editor with a large business journal. As a freelancer, I write and edit articles about web hosting services, content management systems and similar subjects. In addition, I help people learn to optimize their website for search visibility and shareability, monitor website traffic with analytics and integrate advertising into their sites. I also provide social media and content strategies.


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