🚆 Right now I do ActivityPubs primarily from mastodon.social. But I’m researching migration and reading about other folks’ experiences. I love omg.lol as a whole and social.lol is where I probably belong, but it’s daunting to move. If you decided to migrate here from another server when social.lol launched, let me know if you have any tips or tricks for someone considering the move!

💬 So the Gummi Bears show from 1985-1991 was both something I think I saw in its entirety during its original run (I was born in 1983), and something I completely forgot had ever existed.

Avon-by-the-Sea Beach.

Author and actor Miranda Keeling posted this on Mastodon, where she frequently posts interesting fragments of conversation she overhears in everyday life:

Woman in a supermarket: Fake it til you can’t be bothered anymore, and then just be yourself.

This has been one of my core experiences of aging. A lot of faking/masking/figuring stuff out for the first 30 years, then the last ten years steadily moving toward where I am now: how could I possibly be bothered to be anything but myself?

I originally posted this to my Mastodon account.

I saw The Toaster Museum linked to over at Hacker News and immediately thought of John Siracusa (@siracusa).

Here’s some great context for why I immediately thought of him, by his friend and Accidental Tech Podcast (@atp.fm) co-host Casey Liss (@caseyliss).

Associated Humane Societies.

I have some more Bluesky invite codes.

But I’m 40 and married, so I don’t just hand a code to the first internet user that smiles at me.

Bluesky servers can use the invite tree in moderation decisions, so I do at least some vetting of folks before I send them a code. No hate/harassment/anti-vax etc.

Text shot from Bluesky’s F.A.Q. about their policy on using invite code trees in moderatiom efforts: Question: How does the Bluesky server use the invite tree? Answer: We reference the invite tree to track behavior on the social graph. For example, if we take action to moderate an account, we may revoke invite codes from other accounts in the same invite tree.

Top Gun: Maverick, 2022 - ★★★★ (contains spoilers)

This review may contain spoilers. Sure, it’s a couple hours of Tom Cruise being paid millions of dollars to do stunts literally everyone else in the world would have to pay millions of dollars to do. But nails the fan service, the tech, and the physics. And it’s fun. Also, it includes an appearance by the Ice Man himself, though anyone who has seen Val Kilmer’s autobiographical documentary Val will instantly notice that Kilmer basically just walked onto the Maverick set dressed as he always dresses to greet company these days.

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Threatening to take away your customers’ fake merit badges if they don’t pay more isn’t a business.

It’s barely a grift.

It’s how a lonely bully enforces the closest thing to social relationships he can possibly attain.

But at least we can call the post-mortem when this all explodes “the X-Files.”

Obviously this is incredible, full stop. But if you’re trained in the craft and the composers, this must be one of the most delightful things you’ve seen in a long, long time. And those animations!


The kicker? The performer, Joseph Castanyer Alonso, is the cellist of the Royal Stockholm Philaharmonic Orchestra. Piano isn’t even his primary instrument. Wild.

(Via kottke & Erikmitk)

🍿 Prey, 2022 - ★★★★ (contains spoilers)

This review may contain spoilers. A Predator movie is only as good as it's protagonist. The dialogue can mostly suck, as it does here. The CG effects can look like trash, as they too often do here. The plot can be an early colonial-American choose-your-own-adventure story, as it (mostly) is here. But if you have 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger, or 2022 Amber Midthunder, you will have a movie worth your time, and worthy of a theater run.

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One bit of Casey Newton’s latest Platformer piece, on how Threads can survive the calm after the storm, must have many social media pros searching their feelings.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of social media managers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Casey Newton wrote in his newsletter Platformer about how Threads can survive its initial explosion in user base: "the best version of Threads is an app where people go to learn about and discuss what’s happening in the moment, news included, and absent that the feed is going to feel like one more overstuffed shopping mall for a company that already has plenty of those. (The earliest days of Threads, when the timeline was dominated by brands posting cringey engagement-bait, offer a good roadmap for what the company should avoid.)"&10;&10;https://www.platformer.news/p/five-reasons-threads-could-still

I need Mrs. Meyers to answer for the fact that her “Compassion Flower” handsoap scent has me routinely smelling like I think Axe body spray is a legitimate thing for a 40-year-old person to smell like.

A photo of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soap, Compassion Flower scent

Kaya’s Kitchen.

Avon-by-the-Sea Beach.

I was going to treat reddit like Facebook, visiting every 1 or 2 months to see what was going on. But reddit leadership are so hostile to the most engaged users that I think it’s time to delete my account, which sucks.

Reddit removes years of chat and message archives from users' accounts | Mashable

💬 💬 Okay, I'm trying again to see if I can set it up so my updates on status.lol are imported to my Micro.blog and syndicated out from there.

Elon Musk is the answer to the question:

What if we gave MRAs, incels and wannabe MAGA Big Deals™ billions of dollars and Peter Thiel’s cell phone number?

List of Indie Dev Sales Events

Matt Corey put together a list of developers holding sales in an indie software version of Amazon’s Prime Day:

Below, you’ll find a list of over 100 (🤯) Indie apps that are offering discounts for Indie App Sales, July 11-12! Each of these apps is developed by an Indie App Developer - that can mean a lot of different things, but generally speaking, these are built by very small teams, or individuals either full time or part time. Indie App Developers are the epitome of small businesses, and sure do appreciate your support!

Via Jarrod Blundy at HeyDingus

Mark Frauenfelder, writing at Boing Boing:

A recent study of sleep loss and depression found that one night of total sleep deprivation generally worsens mood and emotional regulation in healthy individuals, but induces a temporary lift in spirits for some individuals with depression. . . . The findings were remarkable: lack of sleep escalated negative mood among the healthy subjects, but eased depressive symptoms in 43% of the patients with depression.

Presented without comment. 😐

Here’s a link to the study itself. Let me know if any copies fall off the back of any trucks, because i don’t have access to PNAS.